And the name is…Inspire?

InspireInspire: A Concert Of New Music

Inspire is what I am temporarily calling a concert, of new compositions, I am planning to present in  October 2017.

Inspire is definied as: to breathe in;  to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

A New Level of Creativity and Inspiration

The music I am composing for this program inspires me. My study and the constant practice of composing has brought me to a new skill level and a new level of creativity – a new ability to express myself and to let my soul speak.

Inspire Yourself

My music is intended to evoke an experience of art or nature. Recall a time when you engaged an experience of nature or art or music. The experience evoked passion and spirit and was uplifting.  When you choose to engage an experience, your creative energy is stimulated and you inspire yourself.

Genre Defying Narrative Music 

The music I am writing is difficult to categorize. It might be called jazz or classical or cinematic or avant-garde or modern jazz or chamber jazz or relaxation music or all of the above.  It includes soaring melodies, jazz harmonies, synchopated rhythms, orchestral sounds and some classical forms.

I get my inspiration for the pieces I compose from my experiences of art and nature and life. And so, the music paints a picture or tells a story of these things in tones and rhythms. The experiences will touch you in some way and you will be inspired and inspire yourself.

A Composer’s Journal

I will blog about my experiences of creating this music and overcoming both the creative challenges and the challeges of production and marketing. Perhaps along the way the right name for this event will emerge. your suggestions are welcome at