Butterfly Zone

Butterfly Zone – Beautiful, Cool and Inspiring Music

Butterfly Zone - beautiful, cool and inspiring music

Butterfly Zone is my new album of beautiful music being developed now. The album is inspired by nature, music and life experiences.

The sounds might be best described as a fusion of jazz, contemporary classical and new age. I call it chamber jazz because it includes the orchestral sounds of classical and the improvisation of jazz.

I’ll be blogging about the progress under the category Get In The Zone. I will also  be putting up some music samples soon. subscribe to my Butterfly Updates list and I’ll send updates, release and concert info and special goodies.

Stay Tuned for more!


Flute Mystery

Flute Mystery is the name of a composition and an album of music that has inspired me and I highly recommend it to you!

I recently blogged about  a new program of music I am composing, Butterfly Zone, which I plan to perform in the fall or winter of 2016. The music is “chamber jazz,” a fusion of orchestral sounds with the excitement of jazz improvisation.

As a aid to composing, I have been listening to much more classical music and watching classical performances on video. I stumbled across a video, “Exhaling Music,” a new award-winning documentary featuring composer Flint Juventino Beppe, Sir James GalwayEmily Beynon, Catherine Beynon,  Vladimir Ashkenazy and Philharmonia Orchestra which includes footage from the recording sessions of the Grammy-nominated album Flute Mystery. See Spotify playlist below:

The video provided wonderful insights into the life and process of a gifted composer to whom I felt very connected. The music is beautiful , powerful and inspiring. Listening has already helped me to clarify my music and write more effectively and to tap into my experience to better express the music within me.

If you are a flutist or classical music lover you will rush to explore this music for yourself.

For me – I am writing even more passionately and I can’t wait to share the results with you in Butterfly Zone.

Joseph Liberti