Wet Paint and Live Art

Wet Paint is a live art performance.

art-managementPreviously I wrote about a new music project which I had tentatively given the working name of Inspire.

I searched for a more descriptive title and I recognized that the music represents experiences of nature, art and life presented as live paintings.

Wet Paint captures the idea of artwork experienced in real time. Live art is the name that has been been used to describe this concept.

The term live art refers to a performance or event staged by artists as a work of art. Performance art, a more familiar term and part of live art, is a performance presented to an audience within a fine art context.

Wet Paint is a live art experience featuring the performance of musical compositions that are like expressionistic paintings. The program will include spoken word and interaction to add depth and meaning to the experience.

So…Inspire is gone and Wet Paint is the name of the project and the experience. The music is coming along nicely. I will publish samples as soon as they are produced. Please stay tuned for more news about Wet Paint and get ready to engage a live art experience.

Joseph Liberti


And the name is…Inspire?

InspireInspire: A Concert Of New Music

Inspire is what I am temporarily calling a concert, of new compositions, I am planning to present in  October 2017.

Inspire is definied as: to breathe in;  to fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

A New Level of Creativity and Inspiration

The music I am composing for this program inspires me. My study and the constant practice of composing has brought me to a new skill level and a new level of creativity – a new ability to express myself and to let my soul speak.

Inspire Yourself

My music is intended to evoke an experience of art or nature. Recall a time when you engaged an experience of nature or art or music. The experience evoked passion and spirit and was uplifting.  When you choose to engage an experience, your creative energy is stimulated and you inspire yourself.

Genre Defying Narrative Music 

The music I am writing is difficult to categorize. It might be called jazz or classical or cinematic or avant-garde or modern jazz or chamber jazz or relaxation music or all of the above.  It includes soaring melodies, jazz harmonies, synchopated rhythms, orchestral sounds and some classical forms.

I get my inspiration for the pieces I compose from my experiences of art and nature and life. And so, the music paints a picture or tells a story of these things in tones and rhythms. The experiences will touch you in some way and you will be inspired and inspire yourself.

A Composer’s Journal

I will blog about my experiences of creating this music and overcoming both the creative challenges and the challeges of production and marketing. Perhaps along the way the right name for this event will emerge. your suggestions are welcome at

First Friday Inspiration

FluteDaddy Trio at FAC and About First Fridays

On May 5 from 5:30PM  to 7:30 PM FluteDaddy Trio will perform at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center for the first Friday celebration of Art.

Bassist Jason Crowe and newcomer guitarist Joe Gacioch will join me for some fresh jazz sounds. I will be playing my new, black, “electrified” flute, introduced at Motif Jazz Cafe last week, for the performance.

We will be in the Deco Lounge which has recently received an acoustical upgrade with the installation of sound conditioning panels. Here’s Jason and Joe at Ricos:

First Fridays – The Creative Experience

Preparing to play at FAC got me to thinking about the “First Friday” experience. Chances are you have been on the first Friday art walk, making the rounds of local galleries, seeing new art, often new entertainment and meeting friends old and new.

Perhaps I have met you there.
I’m the shy type. I have to push myself into connecting and conversing. And I am so glad I do.  My contact with people at first Fridays has been enriching. I learn. I am inspired and I have some new friends.

I have recognized that when I engage first Friday, I tap into the very soul of creation. And, into the very soul of community. My experience is fulfilling! My experience is profoundly inspirational!

A hanging free-form sculpture at Cottonwood Center For The Arts inspired  me to write Butterfly Zone, fourteen pieces of music that I performed with the chamber jazz quintet in January. of moments!

A large blue painting by Suz Stovall now hanging at the wonderful gallery G44 on 8th Street inspired my current project: A collection of modern jazz based on art that will be performed in early October 2017. The first piece,  Blue Abstract #1. represents my initial and extended experience of engaging with her painting.

I encourage you to savor First Friday Art  one Colorado Springs great cultural events.

If you are an artist – Go
If you are an art lover – Go
If you enjoy meeting interesting people – Go
If you want to be inspired – Go!

FluteDaddy and the Trio hope to see you at FAC Friday May 5.

Be well,

Joseph Liberti

Butterfly Zone

Butterfly Zone – Beautiful, Cool and Inspiring Music

Butterfly Zone - beautiful, cool and inspiring music

Butterfly Zone is my new album of beautiful music being developed now. The album is inspired by nature, music and life experiences.

The sounds might be best described as a fusion of jazz, contemporary classical and new age. I call it chamber jazz because it includes the orchestral sounds of classical and the improvisation of jazz.

I’ll be blogging about the progress under the category Get In The Zone. I will also  be putting up some music samples soon. subscribe to my Butterfly Updates list and I’ll send updates, release and concert info and special goodies.

Stay Tuned for more!


Flute Mystery

Flute Mystery is the name of a composition and an album of music that has inspired me and I highly recommend it to you!

I recently blogged about  a new program of music I am composing, Butterfly Zone, which I plan to perform in the fall or winter of 2016. The music is “chamber jazz,” a fusion of orchestral sounds with the excitement of jazz improvisation.

As a aid to composing, I have been listening to much more classical music and watching classical performances on video. I stumbled across a video, “Exhaling Music,” a new award-winning documentary featuring composer Flint Juventino Beppe, Sir James GalwayEmily Beynon, Catherine Beynon,  Vladimir Ashkenazy and Philharmonia Orchestra which includes footage from the recording sessions of the Grammy-nominated album Flute Mystery. See Spotify playlist below:

The video provided wonderful insights into the life and process of a gifted composer to whom I felt very connected. The music is beautiful , powerful and inspiring. Listening has already helped me to clarify my music and write more effectively and to tap into my experience to better express the music within me.

If you are a flutist or classical music lover you will rush to explore this music for yourself.

For me – I am writing even more passionately and I can’t wait to share the results with you in Butterfly Zone.

Joseph Liberti


Flute and Cello Voices Sing Dramatically

Last year I started adding cello to my compositions because the flute and cello voices sing dramatically together.

For years I have kept an online journal to aid my development. The programMy online journal periodically sends me random posts from the past. They are always interesting to revisit, and aid personal and professional growth. Today I received a past entry that recalled the first time I wrote parts for cello for the second Ladder To The Moon concert at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in August last year.

cello and flute perform beautifully togtherComposing and performing that concert helped stimulate my love affair with cello. The instrument has such a beautiful sound and broad range – often sounding like a human voice. You can hear the harmony and contrast of cello and flute in my album, Dialogue.

When I started to compose for my current project, Butterfly Zone, I tried different combinations of instruments in my composing software and nothing seemed so right as flute and cello. I finally settled on an ensemble of flute, cello, electrified classical guitar and upright bass. I am calling the group The Pikes Peak Chamber Jazz Quartet. Chamber jazz can be described as a fusion of orchestral sounds with the creative improvisation of jazz.

This morning I awakened at 4 AM with the sounds of the next development section of Butterfly Zone in my head and rushed downstairs to write. I love this part of creation when I am bursting with fresh ideas and sounds. I am trying to be patient and deliberate but I am already getting so excited to perform this music.

Have a happy creative day!



Butterfly Zone Chamber Jazz

Butterfly Zone is the name of new music I am writing for chamber jazz quartet.

In the Butterfly ZoneButterfly zone is new music for chamber jazz quartet. My muse has come again and new compositions are beginning to flow.  At these times, I usually awake around 4 AM with a melody and rhythm in my mind. Sometimes there is also a memory or connection to a life event or scene from nature. Then I quickly arise, get to my office and start writing music while it is fresh in me.

When I awakened with Butterfly Zone in mind,  I recalled a place I used to hike in the Sangre De Christo mountains. About a mile up the trail into the forest, there was a place in the trail that had a section of thick dark mud. In the summer that was home to a ‘Kaleidoscope’ of butterflies.  (A collective name for a group of butterflies, and how very appropriate.) The butterflies in this group were quite small, a lovely shade of periwinkle and friendly. It was a mesmerizing sight and a summertime treat.

The piece that I am composing captures for me the sight and feeling of those moments.   The instrumentation for the piece is: flute, cello, guitar and upright bass. The group will play chamber jazz – a fusion of orchestral sounds with the excitement of jazz improvisation. I  love the sound and feel of the music and am considering making Butterfly Zone the name of a concert of new, original music I am writing and will perform in Fall/Winter of 2016.

I am thrilled to be busy composing. I think Butterfly Zone is a new evolution in my work and  I am so looking forward to performing it for you.


H2 Big Band Is Dazzle-ing

The H2 Big Band will be performing at Dazzle Sunday August 21.

The H2 Big BandIf you are a big band lover, don’t miss the H2 Big Band performing at Dazzle Sunday night. The group led by Dave Hanson and Al Hood features some of Colorado’s finest musicians and wonderful arrangements!

Those of you who attended the first Ladder To The Moon concert or one of my Jazz Soirée events will remember Dave Hanson. He is a brilliant pianist, a world class arranger and, I’m proud to say, was one of my teachers.

Both of the groups two albums go great reviews. Trumpet great Bobby Shew said of the most recent album The H2 Big Band: “this is a fantastic CD and you’ll be telling your friends about it”.

Sunday, August 21 7 PM Dazzle Jazz 930 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203.

See ya there!


Better Music With Love Instead of Fear

I play better music with love instead of fear!

Angry restauranteur“Don’t ever touch me again,” he hissed at me with violence in his eyes. I had just arrived to set up at a venue where I was performing for the first time. I was met by a surly owner who was was way past “he must have got up on the wrong side of the bed,” to aggressively hostile and abusive.

I am a touch person and I laid a friendly hand on his shoulder to calm as I tried to assure him everything was going to be fine. My mistake. He got even nastier. I had tickets sold and people coming from other cities so I could not just walk out. I had to deal with it.  I can’t stand conflict and I got very stressed and anguished.I tried to calm myself, but I really struggled to play anything musical as we began the first song.

My daughter had arrived just before the show and had come up to the stage toplaying with love creates possibilities give me a hug. Somehow, before I started the second song, I focused on how much I loved her and what that felt like in my body. I relaxed into the song and for the rest of the night I put my attention into just playing as much love into each song as I could. The result was perhaps the best night of performing I have ever had. In retrospect I observe that my music that night was simple, pretty, interesting and very satisfying to me.

As I reflect now, I realize that I have frequently played from fear instead of love. Fear of failure, fear of not getting approval, of not doing it good enough and more. I also noticed that it was easier for me to be overcome by fear, as in my reaction to the owner, than let in love, as in the delayed effect of my daughter’s hug.

Life gives us lots of opportunities to learn. What I intend to do with this lesson is to focus on love in my music! Thanks for listening.


Considering What Is Next In My Musical Life?

I have been considering what is next in my musical life.

what si next in my musical life?Bang on more doors looking for gigs? Compose a new show and album? Push harder? Take a break?

October 2 will mark seven years for me as a full time musician. In that time, I have improved in every way – chops, theory, composing and performing. I am playing my best ever and yet I have hit a lull in gigs.

I got off to a slow start while recovering from knee surgery Christmas eve. And, I did compose and record an album of relaxation music for flute and cello. I know I could just let that be enough and wait for what’s next to appear, but I am still anxious and yearning.

I found some kind of new freedom with the album. I did not seek approval but wrote what I felt and am totally OK with people liking it or not.

I am about to play a small concert and I am approaching it with the same attitude – perhaps the first time ever. I think the experience will help point the way to what might be next. Meanwhile I am practicing harder and more intelligently and I am writing music daily while looking for clarity! Stay tuned for the next chapter. Dum da dum dum.