H2 Big Band Is Dazzle-ing

The H2 Big Band will be performing at Dazzle Sunday August 21.

The H2 Big BandIf you are a big band lover, don’t miss the H2 Big Band performing at Dazzle Sunday night. The group led by Dave Hanson and Al Hood features some of Colorado’s finest musicians and wonderful arrangements!

Those of you who attended the first Ladder To The Moon concert or one of my Jazz Soirée events will remember Dave Hanson. He is a brilliant pianist, a world class arranger and, I’m proud to say, was one of my teachers.

Both of the groups two albums go great reviews. Trumpet great Bobby Shew said of the most recent album The H2 Big Band: “this is a fantastic CD and you’ll be telling your friends about it”.

Sunday, August 21 7 PM Dazzle Jazz 930 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203.

See ya there!


Considering What Is Next In My Musical Life?

I have been considering what is next in my musical life.

what si next in my musical life?Bang on more doors looking for gigs? Compose a new show and album? Push harder? Take a break?

October 2 will mark seven years for me as a full time musician. In that time, I have improved in every way – chops, theory, composing and performing. I am playing my best ever and yet I have hit a lull in gigs.

I got off to a slow start while recovering from knee surgery Christmas eve. And, I did compose and record an album of relaxation music for flute and cello. I know I could just let that be enough and wait for what’s next to appear, but I am still anxious and yearning.

I found some kind of new freedom with the album. I did not seek approval but wrote what I felt and am totally OK with people liking it or not.

I am about to play a small concert and I am approaching it with the same attitude – perhaps the first time ever. I think the experience will help point the way to what might be next. Meanwhile I am practicing harder and more intelligently and I am writing music daily while looking for clarity! Stay tuned for the next chapter. Dum da dum dum.

Latin Jazz Concert

FluteDaddy Quartet – In Concert

On The Patio at Cucuru

Sunday August 14
6:00 PM To 8:00 PM
Cucuru Gallery Cafe
2332 W. Colorado

FluteDaddy gets a Latin Groove on for Summertime fun on the patio at Cucuru. Have dinner or a snack. Sip some wine or tropical drink and enjoy a concert of music in Latin jazz rhythms -From romantic Bolero and mellow Bossa Nova to pulsing ,uptempo Samba and more. Stefan Flores burnin’ the drums, Marc Neihof nailing the groove, spicy guitar solos from Alan Joseph and the soulful flute of Joseph Liberti. Space limited, advance registration is a good idea. This will be fun! Join us!

Tickets $10 Advance Registration – Two tickets $16, includes free album download card.