Wet Paint and Live Art

Wet Paint is a live art performance.

art-managementPreviously I wrote about a new music project which I had tentatively given the working name of Inspire.

I searched for a more descriptive title and I recognized that the music represents experiences of nature, art and life presented as live paintings.

Wet Paint captures the idea of artwork experienced in real time. Live art is the name that has been been used to describe this concept.

The term live art refers to a performance or event staged by artists as a work of art. Performance art, a more familiar term and part of live art, is a performance presented to an audience within a fine art context.

Wet Paint is a live art experience featuring the performance of musical compositions that are like expressionistic paintings. The program will include spoken word and interaction to add depth and meaning to the experience.

So…Inspire is gone and Wet Paint is the name of the project and the experience. The music is coming along nicely. I will publish samples as soon as they are produced. Please stay tuned for more news about Wet Paint and get ready to engage a live art experience.

Joseph Liberti