Let’s Tak About: Injustice, Bigotry and Racisim

Anti -Racism Resources

“Injustice, bigotry and racism are deeply entrenched in the country we all love, and have been since its origination. The senseless and preventable murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor – and so many others, both names known and unknown – have reignited a deep, raw and unresolved pain and frustration among many, especially Black Americans.”

I am quoting the above paragraph from a communication I received from King Soopers because I am a local customer of this Kroger Company food store. That is the introduction to a web page of resources that is so well done I wanted to share it with you.

I was delighted

I was delighted to get access to this information about combatting injustice, bigotry and racism because I am someone who abhors violence and has never considered himself racist. And, I have been thinking a lot about race issues lately. In fact after watching the video of the killing of George Floyd I was anguished and grief stricken and could not get racism and violence off my mind. I thought to myself – I don’t know how to support positive change nor even have a conversation about it. Perhaps you, like me, have been thinking “What can I do to help?” “How can support others and be active in my desire to see and treat all others as equals and with love and compassion? ” How can I help stop the institutionalized racism in the country and the world?”

How Can I Help?

Each of us will have to search our own souls and decide what is actions are most important to us. I am determined to not just be ” a kind guy who hasn’t got a racist bone in my body,” to someone who acknowledges that if I am not part of the solution, I am part of the problem – in ways that I act, that I shop, that I vote or that I remain silent.. I urge you to support Black Lives Matter and/or other anti-racism initiatives. Take a look at the excellent resource guide that King Soopers sent. It contains many things to help you and to help you to support the cause.

From my heart to yours, be well and safe during these difficult times. Let’s all find ways to come together and put an end to racism.

Joseph Liberti.

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