Afternoon In The Garden

Garden Of The Gods Inspires me

It is easy for me to spend an afternoon in the garden. Colorado Springs’ magical paradise , the Garden of the Gods Park , is just a short walk from my home. The Garden is the place where I do my “forest bathing” recharge my batteries and get an inspirational boost.

I usually start my day there just before dawn but I took this photo in late afternoon when these beautiful clouds appeared in our famous Colorado blue sky. Today is father’s day and it is a perfect time to write about inspiration. My father was a man who taught me to “pick yourself up and start all over again, as the old song says. No matter what challenges he was facing he never got down or moody.In today’s time they would say he had a talent for doing a pivot and finding new solutions.

Resilience is a quality my father imbued me with and I am so grateful. So when times get tough I never give up but I just might spend and afternoon in the Garden. Much of my photo art begins in Garden Of The Gods. See my Photo art Gallery for more.

Red rocks wear puffy mantle for afternoon in the Garden Of The Gods

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