Looking Up

Things are looking up

My encounter with a fellow hiker in the Garden Of The Gods this morning: “HI! How ‘s everything?” “Things are looking up!” I remember my dad using that same expression. He was an optimist and passed it on to me. No matter how challenging the day or the circumstances we alway look for the silver lining. To me, especially at my age and in these times, waking in the morning and inhaling the beauty of each day is a gift. And here I was literally in the Garden Of The Gods with a whole new day of opportunity before me. Soon breakfast and then a jazz recording session. Surely things were looking up. This rock formation that i meet most mornings is a reminder as it points the wa. Enjoy!

red rocks and blue skies
Looking Up

Many of my photos are taken in the Garden Of The Gods. Visit the Photo Art Gallery to see more.

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