10 Day Art Challenge

Day 1 of A Ten Day Art Challenge.

Sculptor Timothy Nimmo chose me to complete a 10 day art challenge on Facebook beginning Monday July 13 . The purpose of the challenge is to fill Facebook with art and to acknowledge artists.. I admire Tim and love his magnificent art. I am honored and humbled to be included..

My first post in the 10 Day Art Challenge was a just completed piece of photo art – Rest. I was hiking in Garden Of The Gods park, a nearly daily activity, when I came across a fallen branch of a Cottonwood tree. The dry, still beautiful leaves were gracefully wearing new shades of copper and silver in the Colorado sun. When I stopped to visit I felt suddenly peaceful and at rest. I honor these leaves for their graceful way of continuing to give.

brown leaf
Leaves at rest in peaceful silence.

Visot my Photo Art Gallery to view Rest and see more of my recent work. I will be posting a piece from the Art Challenge each of the 10 days.

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