Lily Love

Day 4 of A Ten Day Art Challenge – Lily Love

Sculptor Timothy Nimmo chose me to complete a 10 day art challenge on Facebook beginning Monday July 13 . The purpose of the challenge is to fill Facebook with art and to acknowledge artists.. I admire Tim and love his magnificent art. I am honored and humbled to be included. Today’s entry- Lily Love

My Day 4 post in the 10 Day Art Challenge is Lily Love, a pice I completed today. There is a tenderness about the blossom of this daylily as she opens her heart to the world. I was shooting in a demonstration garden in Colorado Springs at dawn and working strenuously to move my body into the best position and get the light and shadows I was looking for and moving rapidly from plant to plant. When I saw this beauty in the corner of my eye I stopped and stood still. I did a breathing meditation to get more connected to myself and to be able to be with this flower in the present. Then, taking my time I enjoyed finding the light and position that showed her softness and beauty.

yellow flower
This day lilly draws us close to her heart.

Visit my Photo Art Gallery to view this wall art and see more of my recent work. I will be posting a piece from the Art Challenge each of the 10 days. If you would like to support my work, send a free ecard with this image to a friend.

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