Twist Of Fate

Day 6 of A Ten Day Art Challenge – Twist Of Fate

Sculptor Timothy Nimmo chose me to complete a 10 day art challenge on Facebook beginning Monday July 13 . The purpose of the challenge is to fill Facebook with art and to acknowledge artists.. I admire Tim and love his magnificent art. I am honored and humbled to be included. Today’s entry- Twist Of Fate

My day 6 post in the 10 Day Art Challenge was Twist Of Fate, a recently completed piece. Those were the first words in my mind as I spied the twist of intersecting twirls of green leaves. I was shooting in a meditation garden in Colorado Springs shortly after dawn and this was the first thing I saw. When I opened the photo file in my studio, somehow the energy of the plant took over. I moved rapidly from one adjustment to another and the art took on a life of its own until it was complete. I do not remember how I got to this result and I have since tried to reproduce the look with other pieces but could not. Sometimes the universe speaks and what is supposed to happen does. Enjoy it.

purple and red leaves photo art
Swirls of plant leaves in a Twist Of Fate

Visit my Photo Art Gallery to view this wall art and see more of my recent work. I will be posting a piece from the Art Challenge each of the 10 days. If you would like to support my work, send a free ecard with this image to a friend.

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