BeComing one in the garden of the gods

Inside Garden Of The Gods park in the soft shelter of Pikes Peak, I practice being open and becoming one with the stillness and the beauty of nature that takes me in.

Lately I have been mostly creating photo art with my macro photos of plants and flowers. For one reason, my “models” are accessible to me with a short walk. I also especially enjoy getting intimate with these beings of nature and I’m pretty sure it will become a specialty for me. I have not lost my interest in larger scenes but I have had a more difficult time expressing myself creating landscape art. Today I had a breakthrough in being more intimate and becoming one with a larger scene. This piece is an invitation for you to look with “soft eyes” merge with the scene and become.

blue sky white clouds
Becoming: Pikes Peak, viewed from the Garden Of The Gods

My photo art gallery has been updated with a number of new pieces recently. Please take a look. Send a free e-card. And, you comments and questions are always welcome.

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