La La Lavender

La La Lavender and the end of Summer

I met this lovely critter at dawn in a city garden in Manitou Springs Colorado and she told me her name was La La Lavender. It was an unusually calm morning and I was eager to take advantage by getting some shots of the beautiful Cosmos flowers while they were holding still. La La attracted my attention with her jaunty posture, wonderful coloring and velvety gossamer petals so she was my first shot. To me she was a lady dressed to celebrate the end of summer. When I made her portrait, I went for simplicity by creating a subtle abstraction with an emphasis on tone and texture, gave her a square formal black background . I hope she brings a smile to you face as she did mine.

A lovely Cosmos shows off her lavender costume at dawn as the end of summer approaches in the city Garden at Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Gallery opening

I am happy to announce I joined a new gallery and my online exhibit will be ready this week. In the gallery prints will be available $6 and up. Viewers can try out all the options for prints, frames mats and canvas and see what the final art will look like. There is even a Live View feature that enables you to visualize the art on your own wall. And last but not least it’s top quality and at lower prices. Stay tuned for the opening announcement Wednesday 9/23.

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