kintzley’s ghost

kintzley’s ghost was red kintzsley’s dream

Kintzley’s Ghost is a type of honeysuckle propagated by William “Red” Kintzley at Iowa State University greenhouses in the 1880’s. It was passed along to family members and was recently rediscovered growing in Colorado.When I first saw this plant at the demonstration garden in Colorado Springs I fell in love with it and didn’t not know its name and could never quite get a good photograph if it. Recently i discovered it in a neighbors’s yard near Garden Of The Gods park and she told me the story. In this piece I interpreted it by presented its ghostly side.

Kintzley’s Ghost Framed

Online Galleries and Framed Example

In the above image you see my photo art pictured in a “Studio Black” frame with a “Biscay Blue” matte. This is an example I created with the tools in my exhibit at PhotoArtByJoseph.Com

In addition to browsing my galleries at PhotoArtByJoseph.Com you can create samples with available combinations of fine art paper, canvas and frames. You can also use Live View to visualize the art hanging in your own room. And, you can also simply purchase an unframed prints in a variety of sizes. Click here for more info about Joseph Liberti.

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