The Twilight Zone

I found a moment of beauty and magic in the twilight zone

Sometimes I like to walk slowly along the road near my home just before twilight. I relax breathe in the fading beauty of the day and the approaching night and become very peaceful. It is like a walking meditation. Sometimes I meet my neighbors and we say muffled hellos through our face masks and move on enjoying the moment. I see some beautifully xeriscaped yards and some wild brushy lots and sycamore, elm, oak and cottonwood trees. I gaze at everything with soft eyes and let myself be attracted to places where light and shadow and blossoms and foliage join to create magic scenes. Then suddenly I am in it. I am in a magic moment of twilight – the twilight zone. I follow the light and click the shutter. This photo was one of those times. Enjoy.

As dusk settles into the Garden Of The Gods, the last rays of the sun reveal a rainbow of fall foliage.

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