Back Is Beautiful

A Sunflower shows us her back is beautiful

A Sunflower shows her back is beautiful as if to say all of us and all nature are each beautiful in our own way.

When I awakened on the day after our US election day, when I saw a news report that almost 70 million people had voted for Donald Trump my chest hurt. I walked around all day with a heavy sadness dragging like an anchor on my heart. Those results meant to me that 70 million had voted for racism. Their vote said it was ok to treat women as not equal. It said they were endorsing tearing children away from their mothers and fathers and putting them in cages. I said to myself, ” we are so divided, no matter who wins this election how are we ever going to come together?” Maybe dealing with the two major crises of a pandemic and global warming will force us to work together to survive.

The way that I become more calm and mindful is forest bathing or spending time in nature. In nature there are no good trees or bad trees. There are no good flowers or bad flowers. When I spend time in mature I connect more deeply with myself , I connect to the magnificence of all of creation and I am then more able to connect with others.

I hope with my art I stimulate others to connect with nature , with themselves, and connect to all that we have in common.

A Sunflower shows all of nature and each of us are beautiful .

See more of my photo art inspired by nature at PhotoArtByJoseph.Com

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