Giving Thanks

Still Giving Thanks

It is two days after Thanksgiving and I am still giving thanks. I gave thanks this morning when I hiked in Garden Of The Gods park at dawn. Thanks for the beauty of my surroundings, for each breath of fresh mountain air , for the wildlife, the red rocks, the dirt beneath my feet and and for the ability to hike and climb and have my healthy 82 year old body carry me so well.

I have so much to be thankful for that I felt almost guilty Thanksgiving Day thinking of how comparatively well off I am and how so many people all over the planet are not doing so well. No I am not wealthy but unlike so many people I eat nourishing food, I have a comfy home to be safe in, I am pretty healthy, and I enjoy the companionship of a bright, creative, loving wife.

I am so thankful and relieved that the US election is over and I feel a diminished sense of fear and dread that comes from dealing with divisiveness , violence and uncertainty. I am thankful that not only do not have the coronavirus but that I have the prerogative to avoid dangerous places and situations where I might be exposed. Although I am in a high risk category. I am not forced to be in or have to work in a risky environment to survive.

I am also so very grateful for the ability and the opportunity to create, to play and record music and to create photo art .And, I am thankful for hope. Hope for a new and better day. People ask me how I manage to do so much at my age. Or how do I face difficulty or failure and start over again. In fact, what keeps me going are two things – gratitude and optimism. I awaken each day thankful for another day and thrilled to meet the day’s opportunities and surprises.

If you have never tried it do try a practice of gratitude. No matter how difficult things are, spend a few minutes each day giving thanks for what you can find to be thankful for. It does not matter if they are big or little things, you will always find something. And in my experience, the more you find to be grateful for the more possibilities and goodness open themselves to you.

Be well,

Joseph Liberti

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