Sunrise On Pike’s Peak Trail

This morning I met a misty sunrise on Pike’s Peak trail in Garden Of The Gods park, Colorado Springs. The day started as usual – up a5:30 AM and reading the morning news while enjoying a wake-up coffee. It is hard to read the news at all and has been for a long time now. If the news is not about the deadly pandemic, it is about the dire conditions of the economy or the life threatening climate change , not to mention the ugly politics and divisiveness. It is so easy to get discouraged.

My remedy is a morning hike. It was almost too cold for my old hands to operate a camera but I grabbed my lightweight and was out the door. The early dawn sky looked gloomy but I was happy to inhale the fresh mountain air air as always, kept my head rotating around looking for the light and a good composition. After about a quarter mile of walking the trail into Garden Of The Gods I noticed the light changing and I turn to see what my old friend Pike’s Peak was wearing today. Shazam! The clouds parted and the morning sunrise revealed the magic of a new day – a misty sunrise on Pike’s Peak trail. . The dawn was transforming the landscape before me into endless magical compositions. I inhaled deeply, gave thanks for another beautiful day of life and started snapping off shots. Have a magical day my friends!

Meeting a misty sunrise on the trail towards Pike’s Peak in Garden Of The Gods park, Colorado Springs.

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