La La Lavender

La La Lavender and the end of Summer

I met this lovely critter at dawn in a city garden in Manitou Springs Colorado and she told me her name was La La Lavender. It was an unusually calm morning and I was eager to take advantage by getting some shots of the beautiful Cosmos flowers while they were holding still. La La attracted my attention with her jaunty posture, wonderful coloring and velvety gossamer petals so she was my first shot. To me she was a lady dressed to celebrate the end of summer. When I made her portrait, I went for simplicity by creating a subtle abstraction with an emphasis on tone and texture, gave her a square formal black background . I hope she brings a smile to you face as she did mine.

A lovely Cosmos shows off her lavender costume at dawn as the end of summer approaches in the city Garden at Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Gallery opening

I am happy to announce I joined a new gallery and my online exhibit will be ready this week. In the gallery prints will be available $6 and up. Viewers can try out all the options for prints, frames mats and canvas and see what the final art will look like. There is even a Live View feature that enables you to visualize the art on your own wall. And last but not least it’s top quality and at lower prices. Stay tuned for the opening announcement Wednesday 9/23.

Opening Soon – New Gallery

Better Display, High Quality and Lower Prices

I am changing my website and gallery to install a new service. The address for the site will still be but will be better in several ways. My new site is very attractive, easy to browse and even has a virtual display system. With the virtual display tool you can see how any piece of art in my collection will look on your wall. You will be able to custom order your art with your choice of paper, framing, mating and glazing and instantly see how it looks before you order. My new providers deliver exceptional quality and at lower prices. I am planning an “opening” for my birthday October 2 but with a a little luck the gallery could be ready in about a week and a half. Some of you have asked me about buying pieces that you have seen in my Facebook posts. Feel free to call me for info at: 1-719-422- 5299 (yes add the 1) or email me at


BeComing one in the garden of the gods

Inside Garden Of The Gods park in the soft shelter of Pikes Peak, I practice being open and becoming one with the stillness and the beauty of nature that takes me in.

Lately I have been mostly creating photo art with my macro photos of plants and flowers. For one reason, my “models” are accessible to me with a short walk. I also especially enjoy getting intimate with these beings of nature and I’m pretty sure it will become a specialty for me. I have not lost my interest in larger scenes but I have had a more difficult time expressing myself creating landscape art. Today I had a breakthrough in being more intimate and becoming one with a larger scene. This piece is an invitation for you to look with “soft eyes” merge with the scene and become.

blue sky white clouds
Becoming: Pikes Peak, viewed from the Garden Of The Gods

My photo art gallery has been updated with a number of new pieces recently. Please take a look. Send a free e-card. And, you comments and questions are always welcome.

Jazz In The Key Of Life

jazz At The Lincoln Center Orchestra plays – Jazz In The Key Of Life

What a treasure this Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra is! This performance of “pop tunes” is a knockout! This video starts out with a fun arrangement of The Beatles Eleanor Rigby. The Entire 1.5 hour concert of Jazz In The Key Of Life is here for your enjoyment. Maybe FluteDaddy will add a pop tune in our album in development.

Jazz n The Key Of Life

Like Someone In Love

Corona Trio Project Recording of like Someone In Love

Musician’s Mask

Listen to the Corona Trio Project recording of Like Someone In Love. You may remember Mike Sunjka and FluteDaddy started a project to record music during the isolation of the Corona Pandemic by recording separately in their home studios and then mixing the tracks. Mike and Joseph were joined by bassist Pat Abbott and after overcoming a number of technical challenges the trio is starting to produce some satisfying sounds. Recording in different times and spaces has been slow going but we think we have the method dialed in now. We expect to complete and album in the fall. Here’s our pre-mastering take on the Jimmy Van-Heusen tune Like Someone In Love.

You might also enjoying hearing the trio’s recording of This Masquerade. (Pun Intended)

Perfectly Lovely

Found At Twilight – A Perfectly Lovely Photo

It had been one of those days in which if something could go wrong it did. Then we watched disturbing news about the Corona pandemic and the incompetent federal response exacerbating the pain and suffering. After dinner I decided to walk along the road near Garden Of The Gods park to clear my mind. I swung my camera over my shoulder and strolled along breathing the fresh twilight air. Suddenly I spotted a perfectly lovely plant I had never seen before. Seeing this beauty made my day. Here’s the photo.

A lovely Coyote Mint plant photographed at twilight near the Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springs

Visit my photo art gallery for more photos of the nature of Colorado Springs.

It’s Always Something!

Don’t Be Shocked By Life’s Surprises Because…

One lesson that must be learned ton order to reduce stress is: don’t be shocked by life’s surprises because it’s always something. We had a major leak problem and some windows had to be replaced. It’s always something. I had to move out of my studio last week during an especially busy time so contractors could work. It’s always something. I started to move back in to my studio today and opened the window for air when I discovered that the new windows had had been designed not to accommodate screens. You guessed it – it’s always______!

At times like these it would be easy to get all worked up and rant and rave but the wear and tear on your body and your psyche is not worth it. I am not resigned to the idea that life is messed up and trouble is always here. Rather I recognize life is always challenging me to learn and grow and adapt. Often there’s a gift in these challenges – a new opportunity. Maybe it was time to slow down. I have just completed a composition that is to be performed in two weeks. I am taking several art courses concurrently and trying out some new techniques with my photo art. And, in two days I am doing an improv performance for an art opening. Today after the window surprise, I stopped to take a deep breath and am now going to chill with my wife.

Like Someone In Love

Meanwhile, just in case you’d like to take a few minutes out for something new. We are recording a jazz album with the trio. Because of the Coronavirus we are recording asynchronously, playing in different times and spaces. Here’s a recording of Like Someone In Love that we just compiled. I’m not sure if it is final but you may find it interesting. Enjoy!

Someone In Love demo by the “Corona Trio”: Joseph Liberti, Mike Sunjka and Pat Abbott

Curving Into Memory

Plymouth Curving Into Memory of Childhood

You are probably aware of how a favorite song or the smell of fresh-baked cookies can trigger a memory of your past. I never thought much about curves stimulating memory but the sight of this car did it for me. The curvy 1940’s style of this old Plymouth brought back memories of childhood and the small town I grew up in. Auto art is a little off my usual nature genre but I couldn’t resist.

This old Plymouth was in the parking lot of a restaurant at Green Mountain Falls. The curves brought back memories of childhood.

Visit The Photo Art Gallery

See my latest photo art in the gallery

FluteDaddy Masquerade

Pat, Mike and FluteDaddy Play This Masquerade

Frustrated by being unable to play during these coronavirus days our trio Mike Sunjka, Pat Abbot and yours truly FluteDaddy, is recording an album asynchronously. We have been challenged by technical issues and the strangeness of not being in the same time and space while making music. We finally got the first tune, This Masquerade , dialed in yesterday.  The recording has not been mastered yet but I was excited to share it.I hope it provides some encouragement for using creativity to combat Corona Depression. Enjoy!

Estas Listo

Day 7 of A Ten Day Art Challenge – Estas Listo

Sculptor Timothy Nimmo chose me to complete a 10 day art challenge on Facebook beginning Monday July 13 . The purpose of the challenge is to fill Facebook with art and to acknowledge artists.. I admire Tim and love his magnificent art. I am honored and humbled to be included. Today’s entry- Estas Listo

My day 7 post in the 10 Day Art Challenge was Estas Listo, a recently completed piece. A partly shaded spot in a meditation garden in Colorado Springs is home to several giant agave plants. I love their colors which range from cream to blue-green to pale green to lavender. Near the top of the leaves a pattern that reminds me of aztec art appears in the smooth skin. They conjure a mystical desert experience. To some they are just spiky plants to stay away from but to me their shapes make wonderful abstract art especially in the light of early dawn with dark shadows still clinging.

blue and yellow leaves
An shares its blue glow at the light of dawn.

Visit my Photo Art Gallery to view this wall art and see more of my recent work. I will be posting a piece from the Art Challenge each of the 10 days. If you would like to support my work, send a free ecard with this image to a friend.

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