About Joseph Liberti

Hi, I’m Joseph Liberti,

Joseph Liberti musician, nature lover, inspirationa musician, nature lover, optimist and seeker. I write jazz music, and perform as FluteDaddy. A lifelong learner, my current project is to learn to produce artful point and shoot nature photography which I will share on this blog. 

For much of my adult life I designed and presented business training and self-development seminars. My hobbies then included hiking, biking, sailing, and “play-by-ear” jamming. 

At an age when most of my peers were retiring, I began to learn to read and write music. At age 71, I became a full time performer. Since then I have had the pleasure of learning from and performing with many world-class jazz players residing in or passing through Colorado.

In 2015, at age 77 I created and performed “Ladder To The Moon” A tribute to the life and art of Georgia Okeeffe, presented by FluteDaddy quintet in collaboration with Bemis School Of Art at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. I continue to compose and perform regularly. I no longer bike or sail but remain an early riser and hike one or two hours every morning.

People tell me I inspire them with my energy, curiosity, optimism,  determination. and my music. I love that! I strive to learn and grow and achieve for myself, but my mission is to inspire others to realize new possibilities.

Ad Lib is a musical term that means improvise or play freely. In the Ad Lib blog I ad lib on my activities experiences, and insights about music, art, nature and the adventure of life. I hope you too will find my posts  interesting, maybe provocative and inspiring.

I’ll be happy to receive your comments or questions at info.josephliberti.com.

Be well and happy… and interested,