Hi, I’m Joseph Liberti jazz flutist, photo art creator and nature lover. I create photo art from my love for and experience of everyday Colorado nature. Some of my art is realistic and some pieces are abstract expressions of my experience. Prior to the advent of Coronavirus and social distancing I performed regularly in Colorado with my jazz group FluteDaddy.

Presently my musical life is that of completing a recording project and video performances of my improvised interpretations of art for artists and galleries. I have been a resident of Colorado Springs for 20 plus years, hike daily and enjoy the company of my artist wife Carol Dickerson and the feline ruler of our roost Nina.

If you are interested in adding some of my photo art to your home you may have questions about sizes and finishes. Please feel free to reach out by telephone at 719-422-5299 or write me at libertiphotoart@gmail.com

Stay well safe and happy,

Joseph Liberti

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