Courage To Create

A Maestro With The Courage To Create

Another giant, Ennio Morricone, a maestro with the courage to create has left us. Morricone merged what some considered outlandish sounds of everything from whips,, gunshots, toy instruments and wordless vocals with powerful heart-touching classical music, pop music and jazz. In his 66 year music career, Morricone broke the rules, and didn’t hold back, but fearlessly experimented with sound. He is a lesson in authentic creativity and the courage to create. See this wonderful Guardian article for more of his life.

Morricone Conducts Morricone

This two-hour video is a concert of some of Ennio Morricone’s greatest work. I have watched and listened countless times but never failed to be thrilled by it.. If you are a movie fan, jazz lover, classical fan, or simply want to immerse yourself into some fascinating creativity and glorious sound here it is.If you are a creative this will spark your energy. Enjoy.

Looking Up

Things are looking up

My encounter with a fellow hiker in the Garden Of The Gods this morning: “HI! How ‘s everything?” “Things are looking up!” I remember my dad using that same expression. He was an optimist and passed it on to me. No matter how challenging the day or the circumstances we alway look for the silver lining. To me, especially at my age and in these times, waking in the morning and inhaling the beauty of each day is a gift. And here I was literally in the Garden Of The Gods with a whole new day of opportunity before me. Soon breakfast and then a jazz recording session. Surely things were looking up. This rock formation that i meet most mornings is a reminder as it points the wa. Enjoy!

red rocks and blue skies
Looking Up

Many of my photos are taken in the Garden Of The Gods. Visit the Photo Art Gallery to see more.

Jazz Up Your Day

Let Joey DeFrancesco And the JLCO Jazz up your day

Jazz up your day with this concert from the JLCO vault. The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra becomes an even bigger band than usual. Watch and listen as Hammond organ maestro Joey DeFrancesco joins the JLCO for a bombastic romp through compositions by Duke Ellington, Oliver Nelson, and more. 

I’m doing some recording for a FluteDaddy trio album today but I took some time out first to get inspired by this performance. Jazz aAt Lincoln Center puts out some great music. This was too cool not to share.Enjoy!

Golden Zinnia

This golden Zinnia is a cousin to daisies and a friend of hummingbirds. “Goldie” mostly sat patiently for this portrait giving me just an attractive bit of attitude. I captured her image and did this portrait after a two hour hike which yielded very little to work with. She made my morning and made me smile to myself about my old habit of doing…just one more thing.

One more song, one more mile, one more photo. It is sort of like squeezing the last golden drink from the fruit of life. One more thing about this golden Zinnia beauty, she’s ready for space travel too. Experimentation aboard the International Space Station has demonstrated the capability of zinnias to grow and blossom in a weightless environment. She will join her friends in the Photo Art Gallery today.

Golden beauty with a bit of attitude.

Afternoon In The Garden

Garden Of The Gods Inspires me

It is easy for me to spend an afternoon in the garden. Colorado Springs’ magical paradise , the Garden of the Gods Park , is just a short walk from my home. The Garden is the place where I do my “forest bathing” recharge my batteries and get an inspirational boost.

I usually start my day there just before dawn but I took this photo in late afternoon when these beautiful clouds appeared in our famous Colorado blue sky. Today is father’s day and it is a perfect time to write about inspiration. My father was a man who taught me to “pick yourself up and start all over again, as the old song says. No matter what challenges he was facing he never got down or moody.In today’s time they would say he had a talent for doing a pivot and finding new solutions.

Resilience is a quality my father imbued me with and I am so grateful. So when times get tough I never give up but I just might spend and afternoon in the Garden. Much of my photo art begins in Garden Of The Gods. See my Photo art Gallery for more.

Red rocks wear puffy mantle for afternoon in the Garden Of The Gods

Twist Of Fate

A “twist of fate” was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the twist in these plant leaves. I have been creating mostly flower portraits for the last several weeks and my creative energy leaped at the chance to try something new and different

If you believe in fate, believe in it, a least, for your good.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Chances are that I would not be spending as much time with photo art if not for the Covid-19 pandemic.I had recently reached a point with my music where new sounds and new opportunities were opening up to me when Coronavirus suspended live performance. I am still work out every day developing new performance skills and I am doing a collaborative, asynchronous recording project with the trio. But…because I am in a very high risk category, and my audience still fear public places, It is unlikely I will get to perform live any time soon.

Call it a twist of fate if you like but I am now a working artist. When things like this happen I just roll with it and consider it the next great adventure in life. Paraphrasing my grandma Frances: “When somebody knocks on the door, it’s time to open it” May your doors open to new possibility!

Twist Of Fate

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Lavender Lady

The sun peeked through the trees and illuminated this lovely lavender lady just as I entered the garden. I had parked the car shortly after dawn, strapped on my camera and excitedly walked across the partly dark road into the entrance. Always a morning person, I greet each day with optimism and enthusiasm, and the prospect of meeting new kinds of beauty for the first time is especially stimulating. I believe this curiosity and optimistic interest has been a major factor in keeping me alive and healthy for so long. I hope you enjoy this portrait of Lavender Lady, a Colorado Columbine, and a new day before you.

Lavender Lady

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Graceful Bathing

In the act of graceful bathing, Buttercups turn to receive the gift of the morning sun. As I stood and watched them hey reminded me in a peaceful way to acknowledge with gratitude the grace in my life and how fortunate I am to life the creative life I have.

The painful images of violence, the news of Coronavirus fatalities and the isolation of social distancing, catalyzed by viewing the video of police killing of George Floyd, finally overwhelmed me. I was in an emotional and creative funk that I couldn’t seem to shake loose.

But yesterday I met a neighbor on the hiking trail and she asked how I was doing. “Not so great, if truth be told,” I said. Though we had only a “Hi Neighbor, how are you? ” friendly wave, relationship she stopped and took a personal interest in my dispiritedness. She acknowledged that she was similarly affected by the news and managed to get past it by focusing on all the things she had to be grateful for. I was deeply touched by her caring.

The next morning I was doing my version of forest bathing, immersing myself in nature on a long hike. I walked slowly and focused with gratitude on the grace in my life. As I turned the corner back into my neighborhood. I met these Buttercups doing what I imagined to be their version – graceful bathing, receiving the gift of the morning sun. The sight inspired me as I hope it will you.


Graceful Bathing

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Cold Quick Crick

There’s nothing quite like the fascinating beauty and energy of a cold quick crick running through a Colorado woods. I want to drink it, feel it in my hands and capture its beautiful energy. Sit and stay for a short while and led the sound and beauty of old quick crick wash away your anxious thoughts and bring you back to peace again. Better still pull off your shoes and socks and stick your feet in that fresh icy cold and be grounded to the earth and all nature. It was here yesterday, it will be here tomorrow but you are here now! Enjoy!

Cold Quick Crick

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Blue is my favorite color but please don’t misunderstand, I love all the colors of the rainbow. For some reason when I see the color blue I feel calm and connected. I was eager to share my portrait of a blue Columbine, the state flower of my home state of Colorado, that I met one recent morning. Below my blue Columbine you will find some more tidbits about the color blue.


Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect.

Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence. … Blue is used to symbolize piety and sincerity in heraldry. The color blue in many cultures is significant in religious beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to keep the bad spirits away. › meaning-of-the-color-blue
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