Dawn In The Garden Of The Gods

inspiration at dawn in the garden of the gods Dawn lights up the familiar red rocks and pinnacles in the Garden Of The Gods park and once again sets my heart afire. I live near this beautiful scene and have taken many photos in many different weather conditions. I never know what to expect and I am always delighted. I am so grateful for…

family affair

All nature is a family affair Trees. shrubs, plants and grasses make it a family affair and show the interconnectedness of all nature on a lovely fall morning near the entrance to Garden Of The Gods park.

Oak Vibe

pick up on an oak vibe in colorful colorado I love fall and thrill to the sight of the trees around me giving off their oak vibe. The leaves display the profound life force of the trees in a fall show of bright vibrations. Photographed in Garden Of The Gods park Colorado Springs, CO.

kintzley’s ghost

kintzley’s ghost was red kintzsley’s dream Kintzley’s Ghost is a type of honeysuckle propagated by William “Red” Kintzley at Iowa State University greenhouses in the 1880’s. It was passed along to family members and was recently rediscovered growing in Colorado.When I first saw this plant at the demonstration garden in Colorado Springs I fell in love with it and didn’t not know its name…

Celebrate Fall

A cluster of Oak Leaves at celebrate fall at sundown Turning leaves warm to the touch of the late rays as the sun just before sunset. Photographed on the rosd to Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs, CO.

Rest Stop

A rest stop in Garden Of The Gods This is a cozy spot in Garden Of The Gods Colorado to stop, take a breath and rest in the warm glow of the morning sun. I am so fortunate to be able to hike the Garden every morning. There is always something beautiful to see or wildlife to watch. Less than a mile from this…

Quiet Time

Enter A Moment Of Quiet Time Enter quiet time. Enter the world of trees and leaves. It takes but a moment and a deep breath to connect with the sense of inner quiet and peace you will find there. Photographed on a road near Garden Of The Gods Colorado Springs, CO.

Libra Moon

Oak Leaves in the Glow of Libra moon The October moon bathes the changing leaves in a warm glow. The oaks are especailly interesting earring all the colors and shades of green to gold to red and brown. I also feel a little sense of the mystery of the night. What do you feel? Photographed near Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springs, CO.


The Metamorphosis of a Yucca Look more closely to see the metamorphosis of a Yucca. With a casual glance, some might say this is just a dried up root of a long-gone Yucca but of course that is not possible. The Yucca spirit persists and is always beautiful.


The Grace and beauty of Sea Oats A cluster of Sea Oats dance with elegant grace in a twilight breeze. (I love their botanical name – Uniola paniculata) The extreme dry spells has taken its toll on trees and plants including these lovely Sea Oats. Here I tried to communicate their fragile beauty and spirit. I look with “soft eyes” to see the essential…

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