Wednesday Blue – Live

Wednesday Blue – Recorded Live at 21C.

The new composition Wednesday Blue was inspired by Espressivo, a powerful painting by my good friend and gifted artist Suz Stovall.

Here’s a video of our first performance of Wednesday Blue at our May concert when Suz was there to hear it. Suz is opening a new show at Gallery G44 Friday the 22. Her work is great. Don’t miss it.



Grass Whispers, Walls Sing

Grass Whispers, Walls Sing and I write Music.

Prairie Grass Inspires MusicPeople have asked me about how I create music. “Do you start with a melody or a rhythm or a mood,” They ask. The answer is, it varies. It could be any or all of those things and especially when grass whispers or walls sing.

My music is inspired by nature, art and life experience. When I consider my composing experience, I notice that a number of my songs have written themselves in my head as I hike in the morning. I think that the hiking and the centering effects of being in nature produce a kind of walking meditation. In that kind of altered state I hear the sounds of grass and trees and rocks. I feel the rhythms. Often I write a complete piece when I get back to my home studio. My composition Morning Meadow wrote itself after a hike.  My new piece Prairie Frost is a vivid example of nature speaking to me.

A similar change in consciousness occurs when I visit a gallery, stand before a painting and focus all  my attention on the sound that painting is making. I can hear the slashes of color as notes and sometimes chords. I feel the rhythms of music that the shapes lead me to. I need to be patient when listening but if I am attentive and focused, eventually the walls sing with music.  My recent composition Wednesday Blue was composed immediately after sitting with the painting Esspressivo by Suz Stovall for a quiet time.

Recently I have been composing pieces of music that come from a physical/emotional experience of life. Bela Bela was composed as I was reliving the experience of a Bela Fleck concert the morning after. What To Do? was written right after a morning walk when I was revisiting a vivid spiritual experience of the night before.

All of the original pieces that I will perform with the FluteDaddy quartet during The LifeJazz Show on May six originated in these kinds of experiences. All have interesting stories and I will are them with you. Join me?

Joseph Liberti

Coltrane, Brubeck, Legrand and Who?

“Coltrane, Brubeck, Legrand and who else’s songs did you say you will be performing Sunday?,” was the question.

I happened to meet a woman in a doctor’s office who had attended our February LifeJazz Show. “We are coming to your next show and bringing some friends,” she said, “will you be playing the same music?” “No, I replied,” we have a new music.” I was thrilled she was returning and we talked about the program.

Dave Brubeck on Wikipedia
Dave Brubeck

We will be playing pieces by Dave Brubeck, John Coltrane, Michel Legrand and a bunch of new pieces by me, Joseph Liberti.

I feel a little crazy when I think about adding my name to that list of composers. I would never pretend to own their competence. But, I am very grateful and very willing to share the music that is in my soul through my newest compositions.

The FluteDaddy Quartet with Reggie Berg piano, Jason Crowe Bass, Tyler Kennamer drums and yours truly playing flutes will premiere some new pieces inspired by art, nature and life. There’s an interesting variety of swing, jazz waltz, swing-hop, bossa nova and even a latin piece in 5/4  with a tip of the hat to Dave Brubeck. One piece will be dedicated to the artist whose work inspired it and she will be present.

Please do join us for The LifeJazz Show, an entertaining and inspiring Sunday afternoon concert on May 6 at 2:30 PM.

Joseph Liberti

Abstract Artists In Their Own Words – Documentary worth watching.

Abstract Artists In Their Own Words is a wonderful series that will help you appreciate abstract art in a new way.

The video in this post, #1 of 4 unlocks the BBC archives to tell the story of abstract art in Britain through the words of some of its leading lights in 15 minutes.  Delightful and worth your time.

Joseph Liberti

Espressivo by Suz Stovall

Espressivo is a stunning abstract, painted to music, by  Colorado artist Suz Stovall.

Suz Stovall feature artistSuz Stovall’s abstract works invite the viewer to look deeply and enjoy the visual feast of color. Her art is spontaneous and joyful.  Suz studied graphics and painting at the University of Memphis. She now resides in Colorado. As a ceramicist, Suz won numerous awards in some of the most prestigious shows. She Returned to her first love painting  wining several First Place and Best In Show awards and has been featured in several national magazines. For more information about Suz’s art


Expressivo is a stunning work that I am pleased to say resides in my home and I get to enjoy it daily. In fact, I wrote some music inspired by this painting and I will dedicate the music to Suz at it’s premiere performance in The LifeJazz Show May 6, 2018.   Engaging with a work of art is a great LifeJazzing technique to boost your creativity and enliven your life. For you enjoyment here it is Expressivo.

Expressivo by Suz Stovall

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Joseph Liberti