FluteDaddy Jazz At Motif

FluteDaddy Jazz At Motif – August 3, 2018

FluteDaddy is honored to take the stage at Motif Jazz Cafe, Colorado Springs #1 Jazz Club 8 PM Friday 8/31. FluteDaddy quartet will be premiering five of Joseph’s new compositions and playing some fresh takes on jazz standards and Brazilian jazz tunes. Joseph Liberti flutes, Adam Ohlson keys, Marc Neihof bass and Tyler Kennamer drums. Join us for for some”FluteDaddy jazz – original, beautiful and hip.”

FluteDaddy at Motif Jazz Cafe


An Extraordinary Experience of Synergy

Last night at our gig we had an extraordinary experience of synergy. After the trauma of relocating indoors to escape the rain, we started warming into our groove.  People enjoyed us and we had fun. By the third set, when many of the patrons were heading home we had built up a full head of steam. The remaining folks gathered around the band to just listen. We musicians, anchored by relationship and trust turned loose and became exuberantly creative. The more we opened up the more the listeners became engaged, and they and we, all became part of the music performance. The music was over the moon. It was the kind of experience musicians live for and fans leave home in any weather to go be a part of.  I awakened this morning thinking, that is what life can be when we are not divided by fear but rather united in joyous celebration of being.

Joseph Liberti 

Bela Bela

Bela Bela  – a tip of the hat to Bela Fleck!

Bela Bela a composition inspired by a Bela Fleck performance .

A few months ago I attended a concert performed by Bela Fleck the 16 time Grammy award winning banjoist and his delightful, banjoist wife Abigail. They gave a performance that was exciting and beautifully polished yet very intimate. In addition to performing on banjo Abigail sang and did some wonderful country-style dancing. I was enchanted and the music danced around in my body all night. In the morning I composed Bela Bela a piece that is an abstract of my experience of the show.  I arranged the piece for chamber jazz sextet including Flute, guitar, cello, piano, bass and drums. The video is a recording of the score. We have not yet performed the piece live. Enjoy.

Joseph Liberti



Green On Grey

Green On Grey is a composition by me that was inspired by nature on a lovely spring evening.

I was standing in our “deer park,” a patch of slowly spreading blue grama grass  surrounded by oak, juniper and blue spruce. I was looking up through the new tender green oak leaves at a patch of sky filled with unusual silver-grey clouds. I enjoyed this special moment of peace and beauty. The feeling percolated within me overnight and in the morning I wrote this piece. The recording is from the score and has only chords and melody now but I think it does communicate the experience.

This piece, along with another of my compositions, has been selected to be specially arranged for a big band and will be performed some time in the next few months. Meanwhile, you can take a few minutes, relax and enjoy the peace.

Awakening With A Latin Twist

Awakening With A Latin Twist

Despertar by Joseph Liberti, was written upon awakening and has a latin twist.

AwakeningFor some reason I have recently been inspired to compose several songs in a latin groove. Despertar, which loosely translates to awakening, came to me almost in it’s entirety upon awakening in the wee hours of morning.   It is simple, pretty, has a nice groove and will be fun to perform.  Despertar  is now in the playlist for our fall concert. You can listen to the score recording  now (The open rhythm sections are where the improvisation will take place.)

Soprano Sax and Flute?

How Do Soprano Sax and Flute Duets Work In A Jazz Combo? Listen Now.

soprano sax and flute in a jazz duoI’m experimenting with some compositions for small group by adding soprano sax and flute duets to the FluteDaddy quartet for a performance.  There are some interesting possibilities for creating unusual harmony and counterpoint. I can make it weird and spacey, funky or blues or classical sounding. I’m still undecided. What do you think?

No Major Reason Featuring Soprano Sax and Flute

Here’s an mp3 of the first draft of No Major Reason for quintet featuring soprano sax and flute with piano bass and drums. The open sections of just the rhythm groove are where the individual improvised solos take place.

Grass Whispers, Walls Sing

Grass Whispers, Walls Sing and I write Music.

Prairie Grass Inspires MusicPeople have asked me about how I create music. “Do you start with a melody or a rhythm or a mood,” They ask. The answer is, it varies. It could be any or all of those things and especially when grass whispers or walls sing.

My music is inspired by nature, art and life experience. When I consider my composing experience, I notice that a number of my songs have written themselves in my head as I hike in the morning. I think that the hiking and the centering effects of being in nature produce a kind of walking meditation. In that kind of altered state I hear the sounds of grass and trees and rocks. I feel the rhythms. Often I write a complete piece when I get back to my home studio. My composition Morning Meadow wrote itself after a hike.  My new piece Prairie Frost is a vivid example of nature speaking to me.

A similar change in consciousness occurs when I visit a gallery, stand before a painting and focus all  my attention on the sound that painting is making. I can hear the slashes of color as notes and sometimes chords. I feel the rhythms of music that the shapes lead me to. I need to be patient when listening but if I am attentive and focused, eventually the walls sing with music.  My recent composition Wednesday Blue was composed immediately after sitting with the painting Esspressivo by Suz Stovall for a quiet time.

Recently I have been composing pieces of music that come from a physical/emotional experience of life. Bela Bela was composed as I was reliving the experience of a Bela Fleck concert the morning after. What To Do? was written right after a morning walk when I was revisiting a vivid spiritual experience of the night before.

All of the original pieces that I will perform with the FluteDaddy quartet during The LifeJazz Show on May six originated in these kinds of experiences. All have interesting stories and I will are them with you. Join me?

Joseph Liberti

In The Culture Zone

Keith Simon and Joseph Liberti In The Culture Zone.

Jazz 93.5Keith Simon of KCME and 93.5 Jazz interviewed me for the Culture Zone program. I always enjoy visiting Keith and his Culture Zone interview provides some background and insights into The LifeJazz Show coming up next on May 6, 2018. The music audio for the interview is my new tune What To Do?Listen to the recorded Culture Zone interview below.

Downbeat May 6 – The Next New Sound 

Downbeat Joseph Liberti's musicThe downbeat for the next new sound of my music is May 6 at 2:30 PM.

That is the Sunday that the new FluteDaddy quartet will premiere my latest compositions at the venue at Library 21C 1175 Chapel Hills Dr. The music is unique and  engaging  and I am really excited to share the songs and the stories of their creation with you. Here’s why:

All of the pieces in the show on May 6 are inspired by nature, art and life and each has a wonderful story. Prarie Frost is a somewhat cinematic piece inspired by a hazy dawn rising over a prairie touched with a magical coating of frozen droplets. Spring Forward describes a tale of a courageous crocus and is presented in a polyrhythmic, latin theme.

And, I am especially excited to perform Wednesday Blue, a piece inspired by the art of the highly regarded artist Suz Stovall. I think the piece represents well the spontaneous and joyful visual feast of color that is her art. I will tell the unusual story of the music’s creation and Suz will be present to accept my dedication. There are more pieces and all as interesting.
Listen to sound samples here

The new instrumentation of FluteDaddy quartet features dynamic jazz and classical pianist Reggie Berg, a newcomer who has been impressing people around the Front Range with his playing lately. I have had the great pleasure of working with bassist Jason Crowe for years and he is not only one of the finest players but adds a genuine, warm presence.  Tyler Kennamer, our drummer, regularly performs with Jason and Reggie, really sets the groove, and all together the rhythm section really clicks.


Please, please come and join us for The LifeJazz Show on Sunday May 6 at 2:30 PM. It will be a memorable experience.