Back Is Beautiful

A Sunflower shows us her back is beautiful A Sunflower shows her back is beautiful as if to say all of us and all nature are each beautiful in our own way. When I awakened on the day after our US election day, when I saw a news report that almost 70 million people had voted for Donald Trump my chest hurt. I walked…


Inside Garden Of The Gods park in the soft shelter of Pikes Peak, I practice being open and becoming one with the stillness and the beauty of nature that takes me in.

Perfectly Lovely

A lovely Coyote Mint plant photographed at twilight near the Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springsd

It’s Always Something!

Don’t Be Shocked By Life’s Surprises Because… One lesson that must be learned ton order to reduce stress is: don’t be shocked by life’s surprises because it’s always something. We had a major leak problem and some windows had to be replaced. It’s always something. I had to move out of my studio last week during an especially busy time so contractors could work….

Winter’s Gift To Spring

Enjoying my hike at dawn, I was snapping photos of new growth in plants, blossoms and trees when I came upon winter’s gift to spring.


en a very long time since I last held a newborn baby in my arms but I still remember.

Softly Now

Much to do. How will I organize the day? Where to start? Just then I noticed the soft light

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