You Must Believe In Spring

You Must Believe In Spring is a beautiful ballad with music by Michel Legrand lyrics by Marilyn and Alan Bergman.

The music is gorgeous and lush and the lyrics are poetry that will penetrate your heart.  Listen to Barbara Streisand’s wonderful recording below. FluteDaddy will play an arrangement of this tune in concert May 6.

Michel Legrand is a French musical composer, arranger, conductor, and jazz pianist. Legrand is a prolific composer, having written over 200 film and television scores, in addition to many memorable songs. He is best known for his often haunting, jazz-tinged film scores. (Wikipedia)

Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman, born November 10, 1929 are American lyricists and songwriters. The pair have been married since 1958 and have written the music and lyrics for numerous celebrated television shows, films, and stage musicals. The Bergmans have won three Academy Awards for Best Original Song and have been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.(Wikipedia)

Branford Marsalis Lights Up The Ent Center

Branford Marsalis with his quartet lit up the ENT Center for the Arts last night with a brilliant performance to a sold out house.

Branford Marsalis QuartetLast night at The ENT center Branford Marsalis showed us why he is three-time Grammy Award® winner and has been cited as “arguably the most respected living U.S. jazz instrumentalist”. Each of the musicians showed their mastery in playing that was both technically  brilliant and creatively inspired. The  program included some challenging new avant-garde jazz that demonstrated how jazz is ever-changing, alive and exciting. Then with perfect timing the group included stellar performances of two familiar standards – Sunny Side Of The Street and St James Infirmary that brought the audience to its feet.

Going to a concert of this quality is beyond entertaining it is revitalizing. Engaging art is one of the ways that we renew ourselves, boost our creativity, and move ourselves to the “sunny side of the street.” Take the opportunity when you can.

The Ent Center For The Arts

The Ent Center for the Arts is a transformational performing and visual arts complex on the UCCS Campus. This 92,000 square-foot building features four performing arts venues and a visual arts gallery. We are so fortunate to have this outstanding facility in Colorado Springs. It is easily  accessible, has convenient free parking and most importantly is brining in world class talent. If you have not been there, do check it out! You can still get tickets for Catherine Russell for Thursday nite.


Catherine Russell is that rarest of entities—a genuine jazz and blues singer—who can sing virtually anything. Her dusky, stalwart, and soulful voice radiates power as she launches fearlessly into each tune, getting inside the melody and capturing every emotion. With an off-the beaten-path song selection, sparkling acoustic swing, and a stunning vocal approach, Catherine Russell joins the ranks of the greatest interpreters and performers of American popular song.

ENT Center Tickets

Joseph Liberti

What To Do?

Here’s a full-length sample of my new tune What To Do?

To create the sample I used digital instruments to play the score as a backing track and recorded myself playing along on flute. When we perform the song with the FluteDaddy quartet you will also hear additional improvised solos on piano and bass.

What To Do? is  is a happy, bouncy tune that will premiere at our LifeJazz concert May 6 and I’ll share the story of its origin at the concert, but there was an interesting effect of writing the song that I’ll share here.

I was looking for solutions to problems when I wrote this piece. When I completed it I was flooded with creativity, new solutions and renewed confidence. Over the years I have noticed this effect before, in me and in my clients. When we take up any creative activity we tap in to our deeper self and become more resourceful and resilient. The next time you a feel stuck, do something creative. Paint, dance, take photos or something else you love. It doesn’t matter how good you are at it or that you have not done it in a long time. Just engaging the activity will access more of your authentic self and will free some new energy. Try it. Need ideas? This article about drawing might help.

Come join us for The LifeJazz Show on May 6th for music and story that will please your ears and lift your spirits.

Tickets are here:

Downbeat May 6 – The Next New Sound 

Downbeat Joseph Liberti's musicThe downbeat for the next new sound of my music is May 6 at 2:30 PM.

That is the Sunday that the new FluteDaddy quartet will premiere my latest compositions at the venue at Library 21C 1175 Chapel Hills Dr. The music is unique and  engaging  and I am really excited to share the songs and the stories of their creation with you. Here’s why:

All of the pieces in the show on May 6 are inspired by nature, art and life and each has a wonderful story. Prarie Frost is a somewhat cinematic piece inspired by a hazy dawn rising over a prairie touched with a magical coating of frozen droplets. Spring Forward describes a tale of a courageous crocus and is presented in a polyrhythmic, latin theme.

And, I am especially excited to perform Wednesday Blue, a piece inspired by the art of the highly regarded artist Suz Stovall. I think the piece represents well the spontaneous and joyful visual feast of color that is her art. I will tell the unusual story of the music’s creation and Suz will be present to accept my dedication. There are more pieces and all as interesting.
Listen to sound samples here

The new instrumentation of FluteDaddy quartet features dynamic jazz and classical pianist Reggie Berg, a newcomer who has been impressing people around the Front Range with his playing lately. I have had the great pleasure of working with bassist Jason Crowe for years and he is not only one of the finest players but adds a genuine, warm presence.  Tyler Kennamer, our drummer, regularly performs with Jason and Reggie, really sets the groove, and all together the rhythm section really clicks.


Please, please come and join us for The LifeJazz Show on Sunday May 6 at 2:30 PM. It will be a memorable experience.

Meg Okura -Vibrant Modern Jazz

Meg Okura is an exciting artist creating vibrant modern jazz.

The chamber jazz violinist and composer Meg Okura blends East and West in enjoyable modern jazz. 

The New York Times called Okura’s music “vibrant” and “sophisticated,” Okura dares to use erhu (Chinese violin) and the pedal harp with bass clarinet and soprano saxophone in her Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble, a one-of-a-kind jazz group based in Harlem. The ensemble has released three albums- Meg Okura’s Pan Asian Chamber Jazz Ensemble(2006), Naima (2010), and Music of Ryuichi Sakamoto(2013), and the forthcoming Ima Ima (2018). From Lincoln Center to Levitt Pavillion in Los Angeles, Winter Jazz Fest to KL Jazz Festival in Malaysia, Knitting Factory to sold-out concerts in Japan, the PACJE has captivated audiences at home and abroad for over ten years.

Women In Jazz

Women In Jazz – an enjoyable program from Margaret Howze available free in Jazz Profiles from NPR.

“Women have been involved with jazz since its inception, but all too often their acheivements are not as well-known or trumpeted, so to speak, as those of their male counterparts. Of course we have Billie, Ella, and Sarah, but there are so many more — singers, instrumentalists and composers — that have made a worthy pantheon,”  says Howze in her opening paragraph. Then she follow with bios and music samples from well known and not so well know musicians. This is a very enjoyable two part series.

Expand your knowledge, be inspired – check it out and enjoy.