Sunrise On Pike’s Peak Trail

This morning I met a misty sunrise on Pike’s Peak trail in Garden Of The Gods park, Colorado Springs. The day started as usual – up a5:30 AM and reading the morning news while enjoying a wake-up coffee. It is hard to read the news at all and has been for a long time now. If the news is not about the deadly pandemic,…


So my friends…Give your heart wings and open your self to hope.


So my friends…Give your heart wings and open your self to hope.

Giving Thanks

Still Giving Thanks It is two days after Thanksgiving and I am still giving thanks. I gave thanks this morning when I hiked in Garden Of The Gods park at dawn. Thanks for the beauty of my surroundings, for each breath of fresh mountain air , for the wildlife, the red rocks, the dirt beneath my feet and and for the ability to hike…

The Twilight Zone

I found a moment of beauty and magic in the twilight zone Sometimes I like to walk slowly along the road near my home just before twilight. I relax breathe in the fading beauty of the day and the approaching night and become very peaceful. It is like a walking meditation. Sometimes I meet my neighbors and we say muffled hellos through our face…

Dawn In The Garden Of The Gods

inspiration at dawn in the garden of the gods Dawn lights up the familiar red rocks and pinnacles in the Garden Of The Gods park and once again sets my heart afire. I live near this beautiful scene and have taken many photos in many different weather conditions. I never know what to expect and I am always delighted. I am so grateful for…

Belleza Espiritual

Sea Oats Belleza Espiritual To brighten your day – a look into the spiritual beauty or belleza espiritual of Sea Oats on an October morning near the Garden Of The Gods. I pass these beautiful plants almost daily as I approach the trailhead into Garden Of The Gods park in Colorado Springs near my home. I watched and waited for the delicate blooms to…

family affair

All nature is a family affair Trees. shrubs, plants and grasses make it a family affair and show the interconnectedness of all nature on a lovely fall morning near the entrance to Garden Of The Gods park.

Oak Vibe

pick up on an oak vibe in colorful colorado I love fall and thrill to the sight of the trees around me giving off their oak vibe. The leaves display the profound life force of the trees in a fall show of bright vibrations. Photographed in Garden Of The Gods park Colorado Springs, CO.

kintzley’s ghost

kintzley’s ghost was red kintzsley’s dream Kintzley’s Ghost is a type of honeysuckle propagated by William “Red” Kintzley at Iowa State University greenhouses in the 1880’s. It was passed along to family members and was recently rediscovered growing in Colorado.When I first saw this plant at the demonstration garden in Colorado Springs I fell in love with it and didn’t not know its name…

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