10 Day Art Challenge

Day 1 of A Ten Day Art Challenge. Sculptor Timothy Nimmo chose me to complete a 10 day art challenge on Facebook beginning Monday July 13 . The purpose of the challenge is to fill Facebook with art and to acknowledge artists.. I admire Tim and love his magnificent art. I am honored and humbled to be included.. My first post in the 10…

Looking Up

“Things are looking up!” I remember my dad using that same expression. He was an optimist and passed it on to me. No matter how challenging the day or the circumstances

Cold Quick Crick

There’s nothing quite like the fascinating beauty and energy of a cold quick crick running through a Colorado woods. I want to drink it, feel it in my hands and capture it’s beautiful energy. Sit and stay for a short while and led cold quick crick wash away


Blue is my favorite color. Don’t misunderstand, I love all the colors of the rainbow, but when I see the color blue I feel calm and connected. I was eager to share my portrait of a blue Columbine, the state flower of my home state of Colorado, that I met one recent morning.

windows On The Woods

I was recently invited by gallery owner and artist Abigail Kreuser and my tree-hugger friend Deb to participate in the stream of virtual events arranged to help people see, enjoy

Winter’s Gift To Spring

Enjoying my hike at dawn, I was snapping photos of new growth in plants, blossoms and trees when I came upon winter’s gift to spring.

Spring Dress

I walked past many blooming crabapple trees on the way to school in the small east coast town I grew up in. I remember their pinkness and the dark cherry colored, dare to eat one

Regal Entrance

This sprig of oak chose to make a regal entrance to the day sporting purple garb and covered in jewels


en a very long time since I last held a newborn baby in my arms but I still remember.

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