Looking Up

“Things are looking up!” I remember my dad using that same expression. He was an optimist and passed it on to me. No matter how challenging the day or the circumstances

Jazz Up Your Day

Jazz up your day with this concert from the JLCO vault. The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra becomes an even bigger band than usual. Watch and liste

Golden Zinnia

This golden Zinnia is a cousin to daisies and a friend of hummingbirds. “Goldie” mostly sat patiently for this portrait giving me just an attractive bit of attitude.

Afternoon In The Garden

Garden Of The Gods Inspires me It is easy for me to spend an afternoon in the garden. Colorado Springs’ magical paradise , the Garden of the Gods Park , is just a short walk from my home. The Garden is the place where I do my “forest bathing” recharge my batteries and get an inspirational boost. I usually start my day there just before…

Twist Of Fate

A “twist of fate” was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the twist in these plant leaves. I have been creating mostly flower portraits for the last several weeks and my creative energy leaped at the chance to try something new and different If you believe in fate, believe in it, a least, for your good. Ralph Waldo Emerson…

Lavender Lady

The sun peeked through the trees and illuminated this lovely lavender lady just as I entered the garden. I had parked the car shortly after dawn, strapped on my camera and excitedly walked across the partly dark road into the entrance. Always a morning person, I greet each day with optimism and enthusiasm, and the prospect of meeting new kinds of beauty for the…

Graceful Bathing

In the act of graceful bathing, Buttercups turn to receive the gift of the morning sun. As I stood and watched them hey reminded me in a peaceful way to acknowledge with gratitude the grace in my life and how fortunate I am to life the creative life I have.

Cold Quick Crick

There’s nothing quite like the fascinating beauty and energy of a cold quick crick running through a Colorado woods. I want to drink it, feel it in my hands and capture it’s beautiful energy. Sit and stay for a short while and led cold quick crick wash away


Blue is my favorite color. Don’t misunderstand, I love all the colors of the rainbow, but when I see the color blue I feel calm and connected. I was eager to share my portrait of a blue Columbine, the state flower of my home state of Colorado, that I met one recent morning.

Spirit Of Yucca In Your Room

What if you could visualize my piece of wall art Spirit of Yucca in your room? Many find visualizing helpful in planning a purchase. The photo below shows a 16 x 24

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