Winter’s Gift To Spring

Enjoying my hike at dawn, I was snapping photos of new growth in plants, blossoms and trees when I came upon winter’s gift to spring.

Spring Dress

I walked past many blooming crabapple trees on the way to school in the small east coast town I grew up in. I remember their pinkness and the dark cherry colored, dare to eat one


I have never seen a purple cow or an orange iris… until I met this orangealicious beauty this morning. I sometimes visit a city garden just after sunrise and am usually alone. My habit is to walk round and round among the plants and flowers to watch the sunlight trickling through the neighboring trees awaken the garden leaf by leaf. I took my fill…

Regal Entrance

This sprig of oak chose to make a regal entrance to the day sporting purple garb and covered in jewels


en a very long time since I last held a newborn baby in my arms but I still remember.

Softly Now

Much to do. How will I organize the day? Where to start? Just then I noticed the soft light

I’m Crazy

I’m crazy, I’m wild, I am overflowing with creative energy and producing art and music at a frenetic pace. I don’t know

Finding Joy In Nature

What is glorious is to slow down, way down, and just spend time, being – with

Midnight Fantasy

I noticed that If we call something “just a weed” we are likely to judge its character and beauty as we might do with humans we don’t know or understand. We humans tend to label things and sometime

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