Colorado Wild Squares

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Stunning, Square Metal,Art Prints

This is a collection of stunning metal prints of art inspired by Colorado nature, created in abstract and impressionist style and available in square sizes of 12, 16, 20 and 24 incjhes. 

An Innovative Process - Vibrant Colors

The brilliance of these metal prints is unparalleled! Using an innovative dye sublimation process, my art is printed directly onto high quality aluminum for a clean and lasting finish. The metal prints show off vibrant colors in a way no other medium can. Art takes on life-like depth and dimension for an impressive display that stands the test of time. The painted aluminum is mounted atop a sturdy 1/516” metal frame that floats the art off the wall. The print has slightly rounded corners to prevent scratches,  has embedded vinyl wall protectors and a gallery style hanging wire. 

Display one Metal Print for a dramatic stand-alone statement. Group any amount together for an attention-grabbing wall collage.