Composition Samples

Joseph Liberti Composition Samples

The .mp3 sound composition sound samples below will demonstrate the style and feel of some of my current music.

My music is contemporary jazz and embraces swing, rock, blues, Latin and classical styles. The samples are digitally produced but the sound is quite realistic. In live performance improvised solos are included.

Composition Samples – For Contemporary Jazz Nonet

Flute, 2 saxophones,Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums/

The following score samples of compositions and arrangements to be premiered in  the Wet Paint concert April 7, 2019. Each piece has some surprises and improvised solos which can be heard in the live performance

  1. Samba of The Trees: I originally wrote this bossa nova for jazz trio. Here it is re-written and arranged for the FluteDaddy  nine-piece contemporary jazz band.

2. What To Do?: This fun swing jazz piece, composed and arranged for Jazz Nonet features a unique intro and improvised solos which you can hear in live performance.

Compositions for Chamber Jazz Sextet of Flute, Cello, Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums

1. Morning Meadow: A cinematic style piece inspired by an experience in nature.
2. Bela Bela: A jazz-rock piece which is an abstract interpretation of an experience of a Bela Fleck concert.
3. Cumulus: A somewhat classical style piece inspired by a cloud watching experience.