Espressivo by Suz Stovall

Espressivo is a stunning abstract, painted to music, by  Colorado artist Suz Stovall.

Suz Stovall feature artistSuz Stovall’s abstract works invite the viewer to look deeply and enjoy the visual feast of color. Her art is spontaneous and joyful.  Suz studied graphics and painting at the University of Memphis. She now resides in Colorado. As a ceramicist, Suz won numerous awards in some of the most prestigious shows. She Returned to her first love painting  wining several First Place and Best In Show awards and has been featured in several national magazines. For more information about Suz’s art


Expressivo is a stunning work that I am pleased to say resides in my home and I get to enjoy it daily. In fact, I wrote some music inspired by this painting and I will dedicate the music to Suz at it’s premiere performance in The LifeJazz Show May 6, 2018.   Engaging with a work of art is a great LifeJazzing technique to boost your creativity and enliven your life. For you enjoyment here it is Expressivo.

Expressivo by Suz Stovall

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