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This Masquerade – FluteDaddy, Pat & Mike

Frustrated by being unable to perform during these coronavirus days our trio Mike Sunjka, Pat Abbot and yours truly FluteDaddy, is recording an album asynchronously. We have been challenged by technical issues and the strangeness of not being in the same time and space while making music. We finally got the first tune, This Masquerade , dialed in. The recording has not been mastered yet but I was excited to share it.I hope it provides some encouragement for using creativity to combat Corona Depression. 

Masquerade: Full Audio track including improvised solos

Most folks in Colorado know me as a flutist but just before Covid-19 stopped the show, I was singing jazz vocals and scat at our recent performances and having a ball with it. Below is video from my last vocal performance at Motif Jazz Cafe

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