LifeJazzing – Creating New Enjoyment

LifeJazzing is being tuned in to life in a new way to accept miracles and opportunities and to respond to life creatively, improvising, playing from the heart and enjoying  life more.


You have heard people say “let’s jazz it up”about many things including wardrobe, decor, publishing and more. They are talking about adding color, expression and zest. They are suggesting we be more creative, spontaneous or lively. LifeJazzing is my term for applying the metaphor of jazz to life. On the one had playing the right notes in the universal sonata and on the other improvising and creating.

This blog was formed by LifeJazzing after hackers destroyed my previous site and I chose to see this as an opportunity to share a joyfully optimistic  philosophy in a different way. This is the first post. In future posts i’ll publish bits of poetry, video, art and music along with stories of inspiring people. Please stay tuned for more.

Part of my “campaign” to inspire others is the new event The LifeJazz Show. Come join us for some entertainment and  inspiration.  I have been presenting themed concerts for years and for years before that got comfortable sharing stories with business audiences. This seems like the perfect next thing.

Bear with me as I slowly rebuild the website with new content. I will start sharing on this blog right away.  Your comments, contributions and suggestions are welcome at

Joseph Liberti

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