November 2021 - The Art Blog by Marjorie Verelle

Marjorie Verelle is an artist an arts blogger and a gifted writer. I am grateful that In November of 2021 Marjorie reviewed my art and wrote about me. 

"...[T]hose in the field of art and science who recognize novel patterns see beauty before the rest of us do." Leonard Shlain, Art and Physics

At this writing, it is autumn. Leaves of all varieties swirl around us as we walk through the crisp breezes of the season. We certainly appreciate the beauty of the colors, some reds, some golds, some orange tones with a touch of leftover green, but do we really "see" them. A look at Joseph Liberti's Midnight Oak Dance suggests that there is more than what first meets the eye. More than just a pretty jumble of fallen leaves, Click Here To Read More