Bela Bela

Bela Bela  – a tip of the hat to Bela Fleck!

Bela Bela a composition inspired by a Bela Fleck performance .

A few months ago I attended a concert performed by Bela Fleck the 16 time Grammy award winning banjoist and his delightful, banjoist wife Abigail. They gave a performance that was exciting and beautifully polished yet very intimate. In addition to performing on banjo Abigail sang and did some wonderful country-style dancing. I was enchanted and the music danced around in my body all night. In the morning I composed Bela Bela a piece that is an abstract of my experience of the show.  I arranged the piece for chamber jazz sextet including Flute, guitar, cello, piano, bass and drums. The video is a recording of the score. We have not yet performed the piece live. Enjoy.

Joseph Liberti



Wednesday Blue – Live

Wednesday Blue – Recorded Live at 21C.

The new composition Wednesday Blue was inspired by Espressivo, a powerful painting by my good friend and gifted artist Suz Stovall.

Here’s a video of our first performance of Wednesday Blue at our May concert when Suz was there to hear it. Suz is opening a new show at Gallery G44 Friday the 22. Her work is great. Don’t miss it.



Green On Grey

Green On Grey is a composition by me that was inspired by nature on a lovely spring evening.

I was standing in our “deer park,” a patch of slowly spreading blue grama grass  surrounded by oak, juniper and blue spruce. I was looking up through the new tender green oak leaves at a patch of sky filled with unusual silver-grey clouds. I enjoyed this special moment of peace and beauty. The feeling percolated within me overnight and in the morning I wrote this piece. The recording is from the score and has only chords and melody now but I think it does communicate the experience.

This piece, along with another of my compositions, has been selected to be specially arranged for a big band and will be performed some time in the next few months. Meanwhile, you can take a few minutes, relax and enjoy the peace.

Awakening With A Latin Twist

Awakening With A Latin Twist

Despertar by Joseph Liberti, was written upon awakening and has a latin twist.

AwakeningFor some reason I have recently been inspired to compose several songs in a latin groove. Despertar, which loosely translates to awakening, came to me almost in it’s entirety upon awakening in the wee hours of morning.   It is simple, pretty, has a nice groove and will be fun to perform.  Despertar  is now in the playlist for our fall concert. You can listen to the score recording  now (The open rhythm sections are where the improvisation will take place.)