Graceful Bathing

In the act of graceful bathing, Buttercups turn to receive the gift of the morning sun. As I stood and watched them hey reminded me in a peaceful way to acknowledge with gratitude the grace in my life and how fortunate I am to life the creative life I have.

The painful images of violence, the news of Coronavirus fatalities and the isolation of social distancing, catalyzed by viewing the video of police killing of George Floyd, finally overwhelmed me. I was in an emotional and creative funk that I couldn’t seem to shake loose.

But yesterday I met a neighbor on the hiking trail and she asked how I was doing. “Not so great, if truth be told,” I said. Though we had only a “Hi Neighbor, how are you? ” friendly wave, relationship she stopped and took a personal interest in my dispiritedness. She acknowledged that she was similarly affected by the news and managed to get past it by focusing on all the things she had to be grateful for. I was deeply touched by her caring.

The next morning I was doing my version of forest bathing, immersing myself in nature on a long hike. I walked slowly and focused with gratitude on the grace in my life. As I turned the corner back into my neighborhood. I met these Buttercups doing what I imagined to be their version – graceful bathing, receiving the gift of the morning sun. The sight inspired me as I hope it will you.


Graceful Bathing

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Winter’s Gift To Spring

Enjoying my hike at dawn, I was snapping photos of new growth in plants, blossoms and trees when I came upon winter’s gift to spring. I was attracted to the translucent green of illuminated leaves on the inner branches of an old oak tree. I pushed my camera lens between the branches and peered in to find winter’s gift of a sprig of lovely bronze leaves – still here, still filled with infinite energy and still giving of their beauty and grace. I find a certain kinship with these fellow old timers. I aspire to have some of my creations bring joy after my season is over .

Joseph Liberti

Winter’s Gift To Spring

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