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Sea Oats Belleza Espiritual

To brighten your day – a look into the spiritual beauty or belleza espiritual of Sea Oats on an October morning near the Garden Of The Gods. I pass these beautiful plants almost daily as I approach the trailhead into Garden Of The Gods park in Colorado Springs near my home. I watched and waited for the delicate blooms to appear so I could capture their beauty in a photo. One morning there was a freeze and almost instantly the oats turned brown and faded and I missed the opportunity to photograph them in their prime. In this photo art I present my experience of their eternal beauty, grace and spirit.

A glimpse of the spiritual beauty of Sea Oats on an October morning near the Garden Of The Gods trailhead.

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It has been a very long time since I last held a newborn baby in my arms but I still remember. I remember feeling tender and awestruck. Being in the presence of such beauty and peace was a spiritual experience. My body slowed down and I was beyond thinking. I just melted into the being-ness of that sweet innocence. I had a similar experience meeting this newborn oak sprig this morning. Less than a minute in the company of these tender leaves and I was reconnected with the miracle of nature… and with myself. Enjoy.

Newborn Oak

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