FluteDaddy and Friends Bossa Antigua

Flutedaddy recording of Bossa Antigua

Here we are in October with an update on FluteDaddy and recording projects. Friends and fans know I have not had a public music performance with the FluteDaddy group for almost 11 months and we are still hunkered down until it is safe to play. To keep the music flowing we started a recording project and are making progress on an album.

Bossa Antigua Track

The trio, Mike Sunjka, Pat Abbott and yours truly have recently completed a trio recording of Paul Desmond’s composition Bossa Antigua and are happy to share a taste of the track with you Here. Enjoy!

I’m also thrilled to tell you we have recently been joined by great jazz pianist Brad Bietry out of Nashville for the next tracks. Stay tuned for those.

It’s Always Something!

Don’t Be Shocked By Life’s Surprises Because…

One lesson that must be learned ton order to reduce stress is: don’t be shocked by life’s surprises because it’s always something. We had a major leak problem and some windows had to be replaced. It’s always something. I had to move out of my studio last week during an especially busy time so contractors could work. It’s always something. I started to move back in to my studio today and opened the window for air when I discovered that the new windows had had been designed not to accommodate screens. You guessed it – it’s always______!

At times like these it would be easy to get all worked up and rant and rave but the wear and tear on your body and your psyche is not worth it. I am not resigned to the idea that life is messed up and trouble is always here. Rather I recognize life is always challenging me to learn and grow and adapt. Often there’s a gift in these challenges – a new opportunity. Maybe it was time to slow down. I have just completed a composition that is to be performed in two weeks. I am taking several art courses concurrently and trying out some new techniques with my photo art. And, in two days I am doing an improv performance for an art opening. Today after the window surprise, I stopped to take a deep breath and am now going to chill with my wife.

Like Someone In Love

Meanwhile, just in case you’d like to take a few minutes out for something new. We are recording a jazz album with the trio. Because of the Coronavirus we are recording asynchronously, playing in different times and spaces. Here’s a recording of Like Someone In Love that we just compiled. I’m not sure if it is final but you may find it interesting. Enjoy!

Someone In Love demo by the “Corona Trio”: Joseph Liberti, Mike Sunjka and Pat Abbott

FluteDaddy Masquerade

Pat, Mike and FluteDaddy Play This Masquerade

Frustrated by being unable to play during these coronavirus days our trio Mike Sunjka, Pat Abbot and yours truly FluteDaddy, is recording an album asynchronously. We have been challenged by technical issues and the strangeness of not being in the same time and space while making music. We finally got the first tune, This Masquerade , dialed in yesterday.  The recording has not been mastered yet but I was excited to share it.I hope it provides some encouragement for using creativity to combat Corona Depression. Enjoy!

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