Respect For All Life

I met this mom and her new baby on my morning hike and my heart melted. To me all life is precious and beautiful. But not all cherish nature or have respect for all life.

Deerly Beloved, by Joseph Liberti
Mom and new baby in the wood

In my town those who are annoyed by deer eating their flowers want to hire hunters to kill the problem. This morning I saw a heart-crushing Facebook post of a couple kissing next to the carcass of a magnificent lion they had just killed for a trophy. Perhaps the inhumane treatment of migrants at our border causes you pain but others just dismiss them. My heart aches when I see these things. Where is love? What happened to respect for all life. Albert Einstein said:

We, like all other life forms, are part of nature. We depend on one another for survival. Humans, like other forms of life, cannot live without a healthy environment. It is only right that we take care of nature. “Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life must necessarily decay.” ~ Albert Einstein ~

In love and respect,

Fresh Start

Fresh Start, by Joseph Liberti
After yesterday’s rain, thistles proudly wear fresh color to celebrate a new day

I love to hike and do every morning at dawn. For many years I hiked with my beloved best canine friend Eddie. Together we hiked almost 12000 miles. Recently after a year-long bout with a brain tumor, Eddie passed over the rainbow bridge. I made a fresh start. I turned to forest bathing and photography to help me past my grief.

In my project to master point and shoot photography, each day I take hundreds photos of nature. Some are great and some just OK but all have a story.

Last night we had a nourishing rain and when I got out for my hike I saw that all the plants and trees had perked up and were wearing droplets of water. The thistles, which had been fading in the summer heat, looked fresh and perky as they made a fresh start on a new day.

To me the thistle transformation symbolized the fresh start I am making with performing music in a new way, learning photography and my life without Eddie. I felt inspired. Maybe it will provide you a pick-me-up too. Remember, you are only a breath and a choice away from a new day and a new experience of life.

Be well and happy,