It has been a very long time since I last held a newborn baby in my arms but I still remember. I remember feeling tender and awestruck. Being in the presence of such beauty and peace was a spiritual experience. My body slowed down and I was beyond thinking. I just melted into the being-ness of that sweet innocence. I had a similar experience meeting this newborn oak sprig this morning. Less than a minute in the company of these tender leaves and I was reconnected with the miracle of nature… and with myself. Enjoy.

Newborn Oak

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Midnight Fantasy

Midnight Fantasy, is the first title that jumped to my mind while viewing the fairy-tale shapes and curves and the green and blues hues of this just completed photo art. I am fascinated by the unique shape of this noxious weed, sometimes called Toadflax, and find it compelling and beautiful in it’s own way.

Joseph Liberti's Midnight Fantasy

I snapped the closeup thinking I would find some way to shine a little light on its charm. My interpretation started simply as a way to clean it up, and soon the process took on an energy of its own. I can not tell you what I did or why. I just keep moving as the image kept revealing itself to me in different ways until together we arrived at what you see. That process is not unusual for me but this plant had a strong influence and I went with the flow.

I noticed that If we call something “just a weed” we are likely to judge its character and beauty as we might do with humans we don’t know or understand. We humans tend to label things and sometimes we react to the label rather than the person or idea. Midnight Fantasy is a lesson in recognizing the beauty in all that exists, even when strange and different to us. Now when I look at the plant I imagine it to be a part of some wondrous fantasy movie. I hope you enjoy it.

Joseph Liberti

This piece is available for purchase as a print and/or mounted as a wall hanging printed on laminated paper, canvas or metal. Click the photo for more info. Questions about this art or how or what to order?

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