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Your custom print order has been received and you will receive a receipt for your purchase from Pay Pal via the email address you submitted. I appreciate your support of my art. Here’s a bit more about me:

man hugging tree with flute

 Hello, I’m Joseph Liberti, musician, artist and bonafide tree hugger. I create photo art that is inspired by the every day nature of Colorado. I produce images that are composed, captured with a camera, edited and then creatively transformed with a variety of special software programs.

When transforming images I am guided by the emotional and spiritual experience of being with the nature that is my subject – usually peace, joy, connection and/or delight. This photo art may be displayed as is with simple easel ( I found this perfect one on Amazon. I am not an affiliate and you can find others) or framed with or without mat and glazing.  I fall in love with my images, I hope you do too. If you have questions email me at

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