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WelcomE to MY photo art gallery

Coming Soon:
New website, New Prints, high quality and lower prices!

I am changing my website and gallery to install a new service. The address for the site will still be but will be better in several ways. My new site is very attractive, easy to browse and even has a virtual display system. With the virtual display tool you can see how any piece of art in my collection will look on your wall. You will be able to custom order your art with your choice of paper, framing, mating and glazing and instantly see how it looks before you order. My new providers deliver exceptional quality and at lower prices. I am planning an “opening” for my birthday October 2 but with a a little luck the gallery could be ready in about a week and a half. Some of you have asked me about buying pieces that you have seen in my Facebook posts. Feel free to call me for info at: 1-719-422- 5299 (yes add the 1) or email me at


The September exhibit in the photo art gallery is a collection of my most recent work especially closeups of blossoms and plants. The photos were taken in or near The Garden Of The Gods park, at local exhibition gardens and even neighborhood streets.  Thanks for viewing!

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